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About Us: The University of Texas Nutrition Institute

We aim to harness the power of nutritional science to revolutionize personal and public health.

Welcome to the University of Texas Nutrition Institute (UTNI), where we hope to bring you accessible, actionable nutrition information that helps you live your healthiest life. We'll also showcase how nutrition innovation is changing the way we all live and eat.

Why us, why now? 

With healthcare costs and diet-related diseases on the rise, there’s never been a more urgent need for clear, trustworthy nutrition information. Our robust team of dietitians, scientists, educators, and innovators realize that nutrition education can transform lives. Here at UTNI, we recognize that we are in a unique position to share our expert knowledge with you as health landscapes continue to change locally, nationally, and globally. 

What will UTNI be able to do for you? 

Our goal is to use nutrition science to create real-world impact. Going forward, you can expect to...

  • Get tips and tricks on how to apply nutrition science to your own life (recipes included!)
  • Find short and sweet nutrition explainers that get the research right 
  • Sign up for events, workshops, camps, and classes to learn about nutrition in-depth
  • Learn how we’re working with community partners to promote health in everyday life

...and much, much more! 

Our motto here at the University of Texas at Austin is “what starts here changes the world”—we hope that the UT Nutrition Institute changes the way we eat, for the better.


We are too. Learn more about the team making it possible. 

Published on October 15, 2019 in What's Fresh